2nd-To-None-Service truck and car repair reviews

Very helpful, knowledgeable and a get it done crew!! Had us back on the road within a few hours! Highly recommend!!!

— Jesse K.

The standard review on a mechanic shop is about how professional and prompt they are. Yes, that is true. This is about their honesty. I broke down on I-40 between Las Vegas and Dallas. Thought the problem was something totally different than what it turned out to be, which would have been a much more expensive repair. They had a prime opportunity to "pad the bill" and didn't take it! If I lived in the area, I would not consider taking my truck to anyone else.

— Michael A.

My daughter and I ran into some car trouble on our cross country trip from Atlanta to Los Angeles. We went to 2nd to None because of the great yelp reviews. It was a bit longer off the highway than I thought it would be. I think my navigator took me off the wrong exit at first cause when we left it was much closer to the get back on the road.

The people in the front office and the repair guys were very nice. They have this German Shepard in the office that is very shy but seems sweet enough. Our check engine light was on. At first they said it would take until the next day to get it fixed. I told them we couldn't stay in this town. They said they would do what they could to get us back on the road. And they did! In a few hours we were back on our way to LA. They even called a few days later to check on us, mailed a thank you postcard to thank us for or service and sent us an email. Now however, they are sending emails weekly or biweekly. If you don't like a lot of junk emails, don't provide your email.

— Leah O.

Did a great job in a timely manner. Great service and appreciate the cost. Will recommend to others and will be back for more work.

— Michaela Allen

I have a 1992 Chevy Van Conversion that I use for camping along the Rio Grande Recently, the air conditioning stopped working and it worked so good before. As a Senior Citizen, I can't go without air conditioning in the New Mexico sun so I was very grateful to 2nd To None Service in Moriarty for fixing it. A line was broken and they had to have it made because of the age of the van. They treated me great, explained everthing they would be doing and gave great service. I appreciated it and will always take my van there for repairs.

While I was there, at closing, a 5th wheel had pulled in. They stayed to get them back on the road. How many repair shops would do that. I give them the highest rating.

— Donna Watridge

On a trip coming back from tulsa oklahoma we decided to stop for a quick nap at kleins corners just outside moriarty new mexico,well i shut down the motorhome and fell asleep. imagina my surprise when i woke up several hours later and i was surrounded by snow,i jumped up ans got back behind the wheel and well as you might imagine in zero degree weather it started for about 30 seconds and then died. AAA came out and tried for an hour and a half to jump it and nothing worked,so we started calling around to see who could fix it. i called 2nd to none and was greeted with a caring professional who listened to our problem and helped by giving me info on local tow companies,well long story short it took 4 long days to finally get the right tow truck to transport our motorhome to 2nd to none. over the 4 days i remained in contact with natalie and she kept an otherwise suicidal motorhome owner from giving up,she kept working with me until we finally got motorhome into them so they could fix it. we dropped it off and went and checked out of the motel we were stranded in with our 2 dogs for 4 days and by the time we got back to 2nd to none they had it fixed and running for us when we got back which was like music to my ears. we went inside to say thank you to everyone for great service and thats when we really almost hit the floor when we got the bill,we asked how much and all they charged us was the price of the filter. well needless to say i will never ever forget how we were treated and how this gave me renewed faith there is good people out there in this world. highly recommended to anyone who wants to be treated like family. thank you again to the 2nd to none family for everything.

— Moose Lacy

Great service. Our RV was over heating. TJ diagnosed the issue as needing a new water pump and thermostat. He couldn't get the repairs done before closing so they back us gently out of the shop, gave us some water for our tank and electricity so we could camp there overnight. Pushed us back in (my wife slept through most of this) and finished the installation. The estimate and final total repair bill were spot on. Friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Now, I don't want to have a reason to return (we were just passing through) BUT if we were in the area and needed assistance again, we absolutely would return!

— Robert Witte

Breaking down while traveling in a Motor Home can really ruin your day, but lucky for us, the tow truck driver recommended 2nd to none for the repairs. Once there, we were given a place to park with electric hookup and they began a search for the necessary parts. First thing the next morning the parts had arrived and they started work. At 11 am we were back on the road. The entire staff treated us like family and turned a ruined day into a great day. Thank you 2nd to none.

— Samuel Harvkey

Thank you 2nd-to-None-Service for going above and beyond to fix my RV. You got me on the road in a timely and affordable manor. Thank you Don and Billy for all the help. I will come by next time I'm in the area just to say hi. Thanks for making me feel apart of the family while my vehicle was being fixed. You're the best. Thanks.

— Yelp Review