About 2nd-To-None-Service truck and auto repair shop in Moriarty, New Mexico

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2nd-To-None-Service was established in Moriarty, NM in 2007 by David Saline. After working in auto dealerships for 15 years, David knew he could provide better customer service at reasonable prices with his own auto and truck repair shop. (Plus, he wouldn’t have to drive 80 miles back and forth to work anymore!) David had seen a need in the Moriarty area for a reliable, qualified auto repair and truck service shop, so he took the plunge and 2nd-To-None-Service was born!

Today, 2nd-To-None-Service continues to provide the best in automotive service and customer satisfaction. We’re proud to offer superior value, faster turnaround time, higher quality repairs, and far more personable customer service than the dealerships—just like have since day one at 2nd-to-None!

“At 2nd-To-None-Service, we love helping people get back to life and back to work with dependable vehicles.” – David Saline, Owner

David and Lynetta Saline, Owners of 2nd-To-None-Service
2nd-To-None-Service Truck and Auto Mechanics in Moriarty, NM

At 2nd-To-None-Service, our highly-trained and ASE-certified auto and truck repair technicians are friendly and dedicated, and our service advisors will always greet you with a smile. Many of our crew have worked at dealerships and know the mistakes dealerships make regarding customer service. So, why take your vehicle to the dealership when we can take care of all your service and repair needs with the best customer care?

Certified Brake Inspectors

As a commercial garage, 2nd-To-None-Service certifies the following technicians are qualified under §396.19 and §396.25 to perform brake inspections and brake repairs, as well as annual inspections under the Federal Safety Program.

David Saline – 20 years of experience

Billy Saline – 30 years of experience

Trampas Brown – 5 years of experience

Meet Our Mechanics & Staff

  • David Saline, Owner
    David SalineOwner

    David has over 20 years of experience in the auto and truck repair industry and is an ASE Medium/Heavy-Duty Truck Master Technician, ASE Advanced Level Specialist, ASE Master Automobile Technician, and ASE Master School Bus Technician. He has over 40 certifications total! During his time working at dealerships, David also became certified in CAT, Cummins, International, and Detroit Engines. In 2011, David competed in the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) SuperTech competition (which tests trucking industry technicians for written and hands-on tech skills) and ranked in the Top 30 Diesel Technicians in the United States.

    David strives to provide Moriarty and travelers through New Mexico with the best auto and truck service available. He loves a satisfied customer and enjoys seeing passers-through back on the road in a timely fashion. Bring your vehicle to 2nd-to-None Service, and David will see to it personally that the job is done right, even if he must stay around the clock to get you on your way!


  • Lynetta Rogers, Owner
    Lynetta RogersOwner

    Lynnetta grew up in the auto repair industry and has over 20 years of customer service and management experience, plus a background in accounting. She is also an ASE-certified Parts Specialist and Customer Service Specialist. With this knowledge and training, Lynnetta keeps 2nd-to-None Service organized and efficient, setting goals for the business while overseeing employee productivity. Testament to her skill and hard work, in 2013, 2nd-to-None received the Master Elite of Shop Management award from Management Success!, signifying the shop maintains the highest level of management and has completed rigorous training. From answering phones to writing up vehicles to providing shuttle service, Lynnetta goes above and beyond to ensure the shop runs smoothly and to make people happy.

    Outside the shop, Lynnetta and David have four boys who keep them busy with local sports teams, including wrestling and track, and Lynnetta volunteers at all their meets. As an active supporter of the community, she also plans all 2nd-to-None’s charity involvement and contributions.

  • Jerhetta Bloxom, Service Writer
    Jerhetta BloxomService Writer

    Jerhetta is our knowledgeable and dependable service writer at the Moriarty shop. She has been working in the automotive industry for over 25 years, knows good customer service, and is ready to help you out in any way she can. Come on by and visit her at the shop! She will make sure we provide you and your car with industry-leading service.

  • Kyle Williamson, Fleet Service Manager
    Kyle WilliamsonFleet Service Manager

    Has worked for the company for over three years now. He began with 2nd-to-None because He had a major interest in running a business of his own. He has gain a lot of valuable knowledge and skills. The owners trained and sent him to schooling to become the very capable manager he is today. Every day is full of new challenges and fun and exciting adventures. Kyle loves handling the difficult situations and creating a life long lasting relationship with the customers. There is not a problem with the semi trucks he can not handle or a situation with a customer that he will not handle with professionalism.

  • Alan Miramontes, Technician
    Alan MiramontesTechnician

    Alan graduated from CNM Diesel Technical Training program, choosing the diesel repair field because he loves how engines work, and he has a natural ability and knowledge about vehicles. He also loves to make vehicles faster. In the coming years, he hopes to still be here at 2nd-to-None Service, but with more industry certifications and more involved with the community. Alan also wants to have a fast car of his own, so he stays late at the shop every night working on his own projects. His love for engines doesn’t stop!

  • Koby Saline, Shop Assistant
    Koby SalineShop Assistant
    Koby loves vehicles and notices every car and truck that comes into the lot. As our clean-up man, he works very hard to keep the shop neat and picks up after all the technicians, ensuring the bays are swept and mopped. There is always more work to do after all, and as Koby says, "The mechanics are messy!" In the future, Koby would love the opportunity to travel and see new places. Come in and say “hello” to Koby!